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Sleep. How great is yours? Do you wake up refreshed and motivated, or do you groan at the sound of your alarm? If the latter sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Studies indicate that a high rate of adults today report poor sleep. If you find yourself in that demographic, here’s the good news: studies also show that your mattress is key in how well you sleep. In some instances, a new mattress can be life-changing. And trust us when we say the truth is in the test. Better sleep and peaceful nights start with a new mattress from Sweet Dreams Mattress and Pillow.

Sore back? No more. Tossing and turning during the night? We specialize in comfort. Lack of room? Let’s get you upgraded to a California King! For all your sleeping enhancement needs, we’ve got you covered.

Sweet Dreams Start Here.

Upgrade your sleep with a mattress made for ultra comfort.

We specialize in comfort. Discover the perfect mattress and add-ons for the best night’s sleep!

Luxurious comfort mattress


Discover the benefit of upgrading your mattress as a lifetime investment.

Adjustable platform bed

Adjustable Foundations

Add ease and convenience to your nighttime routine with an adjustable bed!

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Mattress Protectors

Keep your mattress protected with one of our sleek, seamless mattress protectors.

We cater to every level of style and comfort which is why we carry bedding accessories and more.


Enhance your sleep with a pillow that molds perfectly to your comfort needs each night.

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Search By Brand

You get the best when you invest in leading brands. See the major brands we’re proud to offer at Sweet Dreams Mattress and Pillow.

Bed Tech
Blu Sleep
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At Sweet Dreams Mattress and Pillow, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Our experienced staff can recommend the best products to best fit your needs. We know the importance of a good night’s sleep, and that starts with your mattress.

Our versatile range of products ensure that we match clients with the perfect mattress. For amazing service, great prices, and beds fit for royalty, choose Sweet Dreams Mattress and Pillow!



This is the best mattress store I’ve shopped! They are knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and patient. It was difficult to choose our favorite mattress from so many comfortable beds, but we are looking forward to sleeping on our Blu Sleep mattress!

Angie in Jonesboro, AR

All I can say is absolutely amazing! The quality of sleep I get from the Blu mattress is incredible! I wake up feeling like I am truly rested and pain free! Amazing product and service! Thank you so much for solving my sleep problems!

James in Jonesboro, AR

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Restful Sleep Awaits…

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