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About Our Company

Sweet Dreams Mattress and Pillow is Northeast Arkansas’s choice mattress provider! Located in Jonesboro, AR we make luxury mattresses affordable with premium mattresses for great prices. Our knowledgeable staff is eager and ready to connect you with the right mattress for your targeted needs and budget. Whether you’re seeking a size or comfort upgrade, we have something sure to accommodate you. With financing available and an experienced team dedicated to your customer experience, we guarantee you’ll be happy you choose to do business with Sweet Dreams Mattress and Pillow!

Sweet Dreams Mattress and Pillow offers premier mattress brands including Serta, Beautyrest, BedTech, Blue Sleep, and Malouf. We also offer sheets, luxury pillows, and protective mattress covers to give you further comfort along with your new mattress. Stop by our showroom in Jonesboro, AR to get started achieving the restful sleep you deserve. Truly restful sleep is what drives, energizes, and motivates us each day. When you can be sure you’re getting the rest and sleep you need, the possibilities for your day become endless. Contact us today and get started with your new mattress. Start enjoying the comfort of a full night’s sleep every night.

Worth The Investment

You may be debating whether a new mattress is worth the investment. We’re here to assure you that it is. Second to your home, a mattress is quite possibly one of your most valuable investments. Why? Because a mattress is integral to your sleep. The right bed is proven to induce better sleep. The structured support, breathability, and advanced features ensure restful nights and reduced pain. Sound appealing? Just try it. We promise when you get a new mattress, you’ll know why it’s worth it!

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